Scott Greene of Evidence Solutions, Inc – Grow Faster! I Did, You Can! or How to Rock Your Social Media and SEO

Scott Greene Social Media and Search Engine Optimization ExpertScott Greene

Evidence Solutions, Inc.


Grow Faster! I Did, You Can!

(How You Can Rock Your Social Media and SEO to Grow Your Business)

Scott brings his experience of taking his Arizona based Expert Witness firm from a local organization to an internationally known forensic expert witness firm.

ESI’s Journey to International Recognition:

In 2012, Scott became the CEO and owner of another expert witness firm: D&A Consultant, Inc. a Truck Driver Standard of Care expert witness firm. At the time of the acquisition, neither firm was reaching a nationwide audience. To increase market share of the expert witness business, a strong growth plan was required. In less than two years, both the Digital Evidence Division and the Truck Safety and Accident Investigation Division have become well known Internationally.

Scott will explore with you how to leverage:

  • Websites –
  • LinkedIn – Maximize your profile and connections
  • Google Plus – Connect and share
  • FaceBook – Create company pages and content to get you noticed
  • Twitter – How and why
  • Other social media outlets
  • Email Marketing – Best practices & develop and expand your list
  • Metrics – Building and measuring your success

About Scott Greene:

Scott Greene is a Senior Technology Forensics Examiner for Evidence Solutions, Inc. He has been doing Data Recovery, Computer, Technology and Digital Forensics, and EDiscovery work for over 30 years. Scott is the CEO of Evidence Solutions, Inc. Scott and Evidence Solutions have been involved in Civil & Criminal Cases, for Plaintiff, Defense and Special Master in Justice, Superior & District Courts as well as Internationally. He is a frequent speaker for many regional and national organizations. Scott enjoys traveling to share his unique knowledge of technology and forensics.