“Remarkability… the key to business and personal growth!!”

Bob Shaff - Customers for Life ConsultingBob Shaff

Customers for Life Consulting

“Remarkability… the key to business and personal growth!!”

Both customer and employee loyalty seem to have disappeared from many businesses in today’s economy.  All companies are dependent upon repeat business and referrals for their profitability.  Bob’s premise is by earning REMARKABLE relationships, you can significantly increase profitability by bringing back three very special attitudes among your employees, prospects, and customers:

Your employees will say: “Thank God it’s Monday!  I can’t wait to get to work.” and “I’m proud to work here!!”  Engaged staff and employees are critical components to creating Remarkable Experiences.  You can’t do it without them.

Your prospects will feel respected, valued, and important…and you will convert more prospects into customers.

Your current customers will go out of their way to buy, renew, and expand their business with you, and to recommend you and your services to their friends.

These attitudes will differentiate your company from your competition…in ways price can never accomplish in the long run.  In his compelling presentation, Bob will communicate through stories and examples how your company can earn new levels of profitability and loyalty by becoming REMARKABLE in the eyes, ears, and hearts of their employees and customers.

Bob’s presentation highlights specific ideas and tools that will earn new levels of engagement and loyalty by being Remarkable.  For example:

  • The 5 steps to Remarkable Relationships
  • Doing unexpected things at unexpected times
  • Using the “drip irrigation” method of training
  • Engaged Employees = Loyal Customers
  • Using the Power of “Personal Signatures”
  • Asking. Listening. Acting!!
  • Killing your “un-WOWs”
  • The Remarkable Profitability Equation

About Bob Shaff:

Bob Shaff founded his firm, Customers for Life Consulting in 1992. Customers for Life Consulting is a marketing consulting firm, dedicated to helping clients improve customer and employee satisfaction, retention and loyalty. Customers for Life Consulting assists clients by conducting customer and employee surveys and focus groups, by establishing measurement and reward systems based upon customer loyalty, and by helping client management teams increase customer focus in their day-to-day operations.

Bob speaks on the topic of loyalty at corporate events and to companies seeking to improve customer and employee loyalty. Bob is a member of the National Speakers’ Association.

Prior to this, Bob was the Manager of Marketing Operations for IBM Corporation, providing sales and service support for IBM customers throughout Southern Arizona. Bob and his team were responsible for producing over $45 million annual revenue for IBM. Bob’s career at IBM spanned 26 years, during which he held multiple sales and marketing management positions in the banking, finance, health and government industry groups for IBM. As an IBM marketing representative, Bob earned selection as IBM’s top salesman in the IBM Western Region in 1972.

Bob holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Arizona. He is a member and the past President of the Rotary Club of Tucson and a member of the Board of Directors for Goodwill Industries of Southern Arizona and for Arizona’s Children Association.

Bob and his wife, Lynda, have 3 grown sons and reside in Tucson, Arizona.